Becoming Really Popular On Instagram; A Few Easy Tips To Follow, If You Catch The Hint

So many free or paid for tips to be had. But only a few can be squeezed into one easy to follow post. If not easy for the hard-working reader who really is burning with desire to gain Instagram followers by the dozen, at least motivational. This post does not get ahead of itself in suggesting that it is going to be inspirational reading for the dear readers out there.

Just let you, the readers decide on that. Here is a key marketing concept well worth taking a note of. The suggestion seems to say that less attention should be placed on the actual product and more attention on the lifestyle concept. But whose lifestyle? By all means, promote your own lifestyle. No harm done.

No harm done in getting others to follow you wherever you go with your next post. Commendable, and really quite outstanding if you get people to buy into what you believe, say or do. But particularly for those new in the marketing and entrepreneurial game, it is sometimes prudent to stay with the safe bets.

Stay with what you know, certainly, but also go through the basics as best you can. One of the enduring basic philosophies has always been to listen to the customer. What does he or she like? Who or what do they want? Invite them into your social media life and give them space to have their say.

But more often than not, good folks out there like to be told and shown. And in accordance with our innate human nature, no-one likes to be alone. It is human (and humane) to be sociable. Maybe you are like that as well. Maybe you’d like to enjoy more of that warm, fuzzy feeling that says you’re never alone when you’re surrounded by like-minded fellers and girls.

But if you’re not so generous and maintain that you should remain solely focused on the money, that’s quite alright. No harm in that either. No-one need to know or be offended at just how devious the human mind can be at times. What you do here is you piggy-back your way into the conversation and wait.

You wait patiently to get your word in edgewise. Why is this being suggested? The have your say no matter what attitude can have quite a negative and tedious impact on your social media activity. It’s time wasting par excellence and it doesn’t always help in getting your message across. That, by the way, only should take a few minutes now that you can make solid purchases in order to increase your Instagram following.

Make a relevant point. Keep it to the point. Be punctilious. This takes some doing but it’s marketing method work, not marketing madness. And if your soon to be genuine followers haven’t quite got the hint, do proceed to give them one of those ‘aha’ or ‘by the way’ moments.