How Many Would You Like To See On Your Platform; Games Of Seek, Find & Follow

One famous game runs into its umpteenth season. No name mentioned but fair to say it has made full and exploitative use of the compatible and coincidental ability to continue to gain followers on Instagram, season after season.

That is just one famous game. Bear in mind that it continues to vie for pole position among several other key players, usually from rival production companies. An online game’s survival is sometimes wholly dependent on the number of players it can capture. It may not be in the strong position to impose upon others the insistence that they must pay to click a link or view a page. But it manages to get closer towards becoming a leading player by way of playing seek and find and then inviting new followers, or potential followers, to simply follower the leader.

Or the wannabee leader. They say that some people are born leaders. That may be true. But what are all the others to do in order to stay afloat in business. Small or medium sized, their very survival is what keeps on putting food on the table. Not the food of their customers, mind you, but the food of their hard-working and trusting workers. Is it not incredible and awesome to go on and appreciate that there are companies out there relying on you for their very survival?

They need the numbers to stay up. Call it the one-way traffic that keeps the advertisers at ease too. They contribute huge amounts of money to an internet service provider’s network. But their survival is also at stake. Numbers need to stay high up there in order for them to decipher whether targeted sales are being met across the country. The country outreach is now a global affair.

The internet is useful for this. New marketing devices and strategies have been developed to ensure that more and more people join the club if you will. The club is no longer exclusive, nor is it necessarily a free for all. Using the social media platform – Instagram is a major player in this regard – has become vital to a company’s survival. Using social media platforms have become important and significantly cost effective marketing and advertising tools of trade.

The fact remains, the system is working. But for the small business players it is still very much a game of catchup, not ketchup, and some of them would be deeply offended if you told them to their faces that it was indeed a game. The games people play has become a very popular form of entertainment for many. What is meant in this context is that people love to gaze at what others are doing.

But attention spans appear to be very short indeed. So, if upping the numbers by any means necessary is going to be a way to attract the notice of flagging minds then so be it.