Newsworthy Events Published Via Social Media A Great Way To Gain More Followers

One of the great and easiest motivators for me to get onto the social media bandwagon was that I was already your verifiable news junkie. By that, I do mean that I wasn’t entirely interested in the tedium of gossip. A more serious-minded newsreader than most perhaps, I was (and still am) more into following as it happens news events and current affairs and sifting through all the minefields of opinions and analyses.

The tools have certainly helped a great deal. One must-have tool is, of course your smart mobile. You can use this well enough to sift the wheat from the chaff. The Instagram account is great too. I can at least tidy up quite neatly here too. Once a bunch of photos has seen its day, been viewed more than enough thousand times, and liked, I can always trash them, particularly if they are no longer relevant to my current business, state of personal affairs, or news interests.

They say actions speak louder than words. Well, that depends on the topic and the purpose, doesn’t it? In any case, it became imperative for me to start branching out of my social media news niche. Because it was now down to bread and butter, I needed to see more followers on my account. While waiting to be paid for my direct assignments, I could use this mass following to earn extra income and provide me with a stable source of regular funds to help me out with my regular expenses and basic monthly obligations.

But before that, I had to learn how to gain Instagram followers in the first place. Fortunately, my glass was half full on that matter. I kept my files neat and tidy. I worked really hard on my photographic techniques. Quite easy to do these days with the customary Instagram tools. And, without being over-confident or ungrateful for my abilities, I simply continued doing what I always did.

Write really well. But then again, I had to practice being choosier with my words, adopting the less is more strategy. Fortunately, this work was good because if there is one more job I love along with my reading and writing, it’s editing. I get goosebumps every now and then cutting through my work, always making new discoveries along the way to simply make it better. But of course, getting more people to read my shorter messages, all tagged to my photos and those loaded from other current areas, was still another job to sift through.

So, to give my online newspaper its worthy head-start. I bought my first circulation of followers. It didn’t cost me much, not unless you consider lunch money and coffee to be a fortune. By showing others the numbers, I could at least get them to rest easy that ‘plenty others were also reading through my online papers’. Little did they know, to borrow a famous literary line. The pay-off came.