Positively Speaking; Everyone Likes Me And This Is Why

I had a sad experience when I was just a kid. In explaining the lesson later on, my dad explained that buying your friends with your lunch or pocket money, and especially with your hard-earned or gifted savings, is not the way to go about winning over friends, influencing them and getting them to like you. Years before this incident, a famous book was actually written on the correct ways and means to win and influence friends.

Tips in writing were given to me as a gift, and it was only in later years that I applied it to my business life. I soon learnt that it was quite okay to buy your followers and friends for the purposes of promoting my business. Not for social purposes, that is an entirely different matter, and I put that matter behind me for once and for all. In fact, to think. The very act of it. Competent and reputable as far as the main player is concerned (because it is helping the business and cause) the carrot stick method is encouraged to be used by the source supplier.

To entice more people to buy into packaged goods, the enticement and guarantee is given to new customers that they will get free Instagram followers along with the ones they bought.  Now, while I use this tool mainly for the purposes of promoting my business, I soon discovered that this buy-in method is indeed a great way to win and influence new friends. In this case, they are none the wiser. You never approached them directly on the playground if you will.

Practically speaking, you can do not just one, but two things to boost your Instagram account. Thing one, you buy your followers. And thing two, you also buy Instagram likes. Now, if you choose to go the long way to the cherry on the top of your cake – more friends, followers and likes, in other words – that’s quite alright too. Just be prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the spade work. In this sense, the work does get easier as you go along.

If you have a flair with words and you really love the camera on your smart mobile, then you’ll be okay. You’ll be having fun while you work. You take as many photos as you can squeeze in and create the perfect caption to go along with them. But before you tap the publish button, don’t forget to insert the iconic hashtag. That’s very important. Utilizing the hashtag method is a great way to gain new friends, followers and likes without even trying.

And that’s another important matter well worth reminding you of before I go. Do make sure that all your good kiss and tell work has been linked. Finally, just let me brag just this once more. Everyone likes me and now you know why. And don’t forget; the best things in life can still be free.